Prof. Sudip Kr. Das


Prof. Sudip Kr. Das

Professor and Head, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Calcutta

About the Speaker

Prof. Sudip Kumar Das is currently working as Professor and Head, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Calcutta. His research areas encompass Multiphase Flow, Process Safety, Fluidization and Wastewater Treatment among others. His work on removal of volatile matters, heavy metals and organic compounds is a milestone in the field of Wastewater Treatment. The numerous awards and recognitions that have decorated his research career are Indra Gandhi Gold Medal Award - 2016, The Best Citizen of India Award - 2015, Dr Radhakrishnan Gold Medal Award - 2015 and Bharat Gaurav Award, 2014.

Title of the Talk

"Multiphase non-Newtonian pseudoplastic liquid systems".

Non-Newtonian pseudoplastic liquid is the commonly encountered time independent fluid. This fluid is characterized by an viscosity which decreases with the increasing shear rate. This liquids often used in industries like polymer processing, petrochemical and refinery, mineral recovery, food processing, biomedical engineering, biochemical engineering, waste water treatment. Introduction of another phase in the pseudoplastic liquid the viscosity of the system can change. The change of viscosity should utilize in different unit operations. This lecture will describe the advantages of this properties in gas-liquid, solid-liquid systems like pipe flow, bubble column, taper bubble column, fluidization and inverse fluidization etc.